Sketching & Painting has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of expression and communication, we focus a segment of our curriculum teaching basic sketching techniques and painting pointers to tap in to their inner Picasso's. To add enhancements to their creative interests and help bring their visions to life.  

Although it is not one of our most significant areas of focus, we believe our trainees should be the best at everything they do! Most of our demographics have a huge interest in cosmetology, and although we believe the most beautiful form of oneself is natural, we also believe every young woman/man should explore all forms of artistry.
We have highly skilled cosmetologists in the fashion industry come to our locations and train in skin care, and the craft of enhancing one's beauty. 

We offer one on one tutoring for your child's most challenging subject areas, and offer assistance with High School/College applications and Interviews.

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Empty stomachs, break concentration and make the future seem impossible. Trainings about food are essential to creating good health, however the right kinds of food is what will keep the human body at it's healthiest. We offer nutritional training of what a child should intake at their age! We conduct quarterly workshops focusing on hygiene, and the significance of maintaining clean, pathogenic free work & living spaces!


GTS was birthed from the concept that all young ladies and men, should develop with structure, creativity, and tact. We specialize in child mentoring and development in pre-teenage and teenage stages, ages 11-17 years old. We offer fashion & production Internships, Runway training, stage performance training, etiquette, event coordination, nutrition, cosmetology and skin care. We offer Intermediate school programming with a 30 week curriculum training, and create community-oriented events, in an effort to give back to our communities and train our students to have a positive presence in the low-income areas surrounding the neighborhoods. We want to mutate caterpillars into butterflies!




A significant part of a child's 
confidence, is their ability to captivate a room when they walk in! We specialize in runway training and teach our trainees the history and present of how significant a runway is to fashion and design!